Zeiss LSM 710
on Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1 inverted microscope
Light Sources Objectives Fluorescence
Filter cubes
Halogen lamp
10x/0.25 Ph1
DAPI Motorized x,y stage
X-Cite metal halide light source (Fluorescence) Plan Apochromat 20x/0.8 FITC/Cy2/GFP Fully spectral, up to 34-channel detection
Helium laser 405 nm, 30 mW Plan-Apochomat 40x/1.3 Oil Texas Red Confocal brightfield DIC (Channel D) for 20x, 40x, and 63x objectives
Multiline Argon laser 458; 488; 514 nm, 25 mW Plan Apochromat 63x/1.40 Oil   Objective heater and heated life cell stage insert, CO2 superfusion possible, software controlled
Helium/Neon laser 543 nm, 1.2 mW     Time series and bleaching capability (4D imaging)
Helium/Neon laser 594 nm, 2 mW      
Helium/Neon laser 633 nm, 5 mW      

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