Nikon TIRF microscope
On a Nikon Ti-E inverted microscope
(MP110, Molson Pavillion)
Light Sources Objectives Fluorescence
Filter cubes
Halogen lamp
Super Plan Fluor
ELWD 20 x
FITC/Cy2/GFP Motorized
x,y stage
X-Cite metal
halide light source
Plan Apo TIRF
60x H, N.A. 1.49
TRITC/Cy3/RFP Nikon TIRF module
operated by NiS Elements
Diode lasers:
405 nm, 100 mW
488 nm, 50 mW
561 nm, 50 mW
640 nm, 40 mW
Plan Apo TIRF
100x H, N.A. 1.49
  iXON+ DU897 backthinned
EMCCD camera,
512 512 pixel,
16 m array
    Heated life cell
stage insert, CO2 superfusion
possible, software controlled
      Camera triggering from
the AOTF for high
speed (30 fps)
      Allows limited

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Data transfer: DVD; USB