Other available microscopes
Microscope / PI Description Contact
Olympus Spinning Disc; Dr. Heidi McBride Spinning disc confocal microscope, ideal for confocal imaging of live cells, multiple laser lines available. Dr. Heidi McBride
Olympus Vivaview; Dr. Heidi McBride Simple, easy-to-use widefield microscope with environmental controls; optimized for long-term, multi-dimensional live cell applications. Dr. Heidi McBride
Zeiss FRET microscope; Dr. Wayne Sossin Inverted widefield microscope, Metal-halide light source, equipped with appropriate filter sets for FRET studies, in particular using CFP/YFP as a FRET pair. Dr. Carole Abi-Farah
Zeiss live cell microscope; Dr. Phil Barker Inverted microscope with environmental controls (temperature and CO2 buffering), Xenon arc lamp and Colibri LED light sources, set up for multidimensional live cell microscopy and ratiometric imaging. Dr. Vincent Soubannier
Custom-built 2-photon confocal system; Dr. Edward Ruthazer 2P system on an upright Nikon microscope with epifluorescence and transmitted light capabilities, equipped with a fixed stage for electrophysiology. 2-P system consists of a Thorlabs resonant scanner, controlled by Thorimage software (a customized variant of ScanImage). The microscope has a single 20x objective (Nikon 0.95NA) and 2 GaAsp PMTs (equipped with GFP/dsRED filters), no environmental controls. System uses the Ruthazer labís Mai Tai pulsed 2-P laser. Therefore, access is limited by availability of the laser. Dr. Edward Ruthazer
Zeiss LSM 700; Dr. Kevin Petrecca Simple Confocal Laser Scanning microscope on inverted stand. Three excitation laser lines available (488, 543, 633nm), three detection channels. Heated stage insert for live cell experiments available on loan basis from the microscopy core facility. Carmen Sabau