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General Research Objectives

In addition to evaluating the consequences of gaze perturbations to the achievement of desired gaze our projects involve psychophysical studies into the neural bases of visual perception at the time of saccadic eye movements and eye-head gaze shifts. Through these multiple lines of study, we hope to address more holistic questions related to the manner in which global gaze trajectory is coded for and controlled at the neural level.   More generally, studies conducted in this laboratory seek to address problems of motor control and the associated sensory-to-motor transformations that allow for adaptive, naturalistic behaviour in an ever-changing and unpredictable environment.


Electrophysiological Studies

a. Recordings in the head-free preparation
b. Perturbed eye-head gaze shifts
c. Superior Colliculus and Frontal lobe recordings

Human Psychophysics

a. Visual perception of the time of saccades
b. Attention mechanisms and eye movements
c. Large eye-head gaze shifts on perturbed trials

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