The Neuro Prize for Open Science in Action - Trainee

Value: $5,000 contribution towards a graduate/postgraduate stipend.

About: This prize will go to a graduate or post-graduate trainee who has demonstrated engagement in open-science practices and/or development of open science tools that have had an impact on neuroscience research.

Eligibility: Applicants must be a graduate or post-graduate trainee working in an academic setting in Canada.

Evidence of impact is mandatory, including but not limited to: indicators of access to and use of software tools / data or code repositories, number of downloads, number and kind of contributions to open tools (e.g. merged pull requests in GitHub repositories or documentation), number of citations, altmetrics (e.g. Altmetric or PlumX Metrics), industry partnerships, evidence of patient/participant outreach or co-development, knowledge translation and education activities, evidence of promoting open data standards, and authoring or co-authoring open science guidelines and policies.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion criteria, including but not limited to whether the applicant(s) are members of underrepresented groups or provide tools and services to underrepresented communities, play a major positive role in the selection process.


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