Jean Gotman, Ph.D.



Dr. Jean Gotman is a Professor at the Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University. He was trained as an electrical engineer in France, pursued a Master's in Computer Science, and holds a PhD degree in Neuroscience from McGill University. In 1972, Dr. Gotman began working on computerized EEG analysis in epilepsy. He has since been highly involved in the field of EEG data recording and analysis, including methods of automatic seizure detection and source analysis. More recently, his research interests have included imaging methods, such as combined EEG-fMRI recordings, as well as the analysis of High Frequency Oscillations in the intracerebral EEG. Dr. Gotman has collaborated with other groups within the MNI and from other universities.

In 1986 Dr. Gotman formed Stellate Systems, which offers EEG recording products and solutions. Stellate's main product, Harmonie EEG recording platform, is used extensively in the MNI and a other institutes around the world. Stellate's cooperation with the MNI has been of benefit to the hospital and the company, allowing the hospital to have access to the latest, most up to date versions of the software, and allowing Stellate to close ties and communication with users in a clinical department.




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