Sponsor’s Assessment of a Candidate for a Fellowship Award


We are keen to receive your frank opinion on the applicant.

Please begin your letter by stating the name of the candidate and the length and nature of your relationship.

Areas that you may consider addressing include the following:

  1. How have you have had an opportunity to directly interact with the applicant?
  2. How has the applicant demonstrated independence and capacity for critical thought? Intellectual curiosity? Leadership?
  3. Does the candidate have a skill set and personality that will facilitate a rigorous pursuit of knowledge? Is he/she organized? Perseverant? Determined? Does he/she work well with others? How has he/she demonstrated good communications skills?
  4. Has the applicant demonstrated creativity in setting research goals and experimental design? What have been their most significant independent contributions?

Kindly submit your letter of recommendation as an attachment (or directly in the body of an email) to fellowships.mni@mcgill.ca. Please indicate the following in the subject line: Candidates name – sponsor assessment.